5 MORE Reasons for Sellers to Have an Open House

#1. Bring the Buyers to You
Real estate isn’t a passive business. The high offers go to those who work for them, which is why having an open house is a solid idea: it active recruits buyers instead of passively waiting for them to book appointments.

#2. FREE Marketing
Free is good. Marketing is expensive, with ads in print sources running hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a piece. An open house is a great marketing tool thanks to its signs and high visibility, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

#3. Feedback
An open house in Palm Springs is not only a sales tool but also a market research tool. As throngs of on-the-market buyers come through you (or your agent) will hear feedback about the property. “The kitchen needs updating”, “the windows need replacing”, “the floors need refinishing”. This feedback can mean the difference between selling your house and it stagnating on the market. You and your agent can then decide if there is something that could be done to your home to make it sell quicker and for the price you are asking.

#4. Help Gauge the Market Value of your Home
As buyers come through your home and are told the asking price of your home, their faces will act as a pricing barometer that will tell you if your property is priced fairly or not.

#5. Get your Money out of your Agent
Being a Keller Williams Palm Springs Agent should be more than simply sticking a ‘for sale’ sign on your property and waiting for the appointments to roll in. A real estate agent worth their salt (and worth their commission) should be proactively selling your property, and this includes efforts like an open house.

Holding an open house is a crucial part of selling your home for an appropriate price.


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