5 Types of People Who Attend Open Houses

So you’ve marketed the hell out of your open houses in Palm Springs  and you draw throngs and throngs of potential buyers. Congrats. But are they really potential buyers?

The truth is that many different types of people frequent open houses, not just on-the-market buyers. Here are the five most-common types of people passing through open houses:

#1. The Real Home Buyer
Honest and true buyers who are in the process of buying a home (and selling theirs) are your target market. True buyers come in two varieties, those willing to pull the trigger now, who are ready and willing to buy a home (and have pre-qualified for financing). The more of these coming through the door the more likely you will it is that an offer will result from open houses.

#2. Neighbors

Hi-diddly ho neighbors ! You might not be as close to your neighbors as the Flanders flock is, but they will likely still show up at your open houses in Brampton. While you would likely prefer qualified buyers, neighbors are a great resource. Some of them may just be nosy and want to see how your house compares to theirs, many of them will recommend your house (if they like what they see) to their friends and family who are looking to buy a home near them.

#3. Other Agents
Other agents, that is agents other than your own, will often pop by open houses to scope things out for their clients. While agent visitors can be irritating visitors, asking touch questions and offering up unsolicited comments on the house, they can be a good resource for potential buyers. Feel them out though, if they aren’t positive about the property then don’t waste time you could be spending with real buyers.

#4. Related Agents
Related agents are those who have a vested interest in your property. This includes agents who lost out on listing your property, and agents of nearby homes in the same price range. This competitive-analysis type visit is common, although likely won’t warrant you any offers.

#5. Previous Owners
Previous owners, and family and friends of previous owners will often visit the property during an open house to see how it has changed (for the better or the worse). This type of visitor also won’t likely lead to an offer (although occasionally they recommend it to their friends or family), but they have so much emotional attachment to the house that they might talk-up prospective buyers.

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