Tips for Hosting a Kick-Ass Open Houses

Stage it Like a Glee Set
The point of open houses is to show off your house, and to show buyers (and your neighbours) how warm, inviting and livable it is. This means you need to properly clean your home, organize and stage it. For tips on staging, click here. This means creating room flows and walkways by rearranging the furniture in helpful patterns and removing clutter.

Market the Hell out of It
You can have a Neil Patrick Harris-level awesome house and an even awesomer (when you’re that awesome you get to make up new words) agent, but if you haven’t let the public know about your open house, via marketing, than all that awesomeness will be pointless. Open-house marketing can include on- and offline tactics, including neighborhood flyers, community boards, newspaper ad and word of mouth AND Facebook, Craigslist.

Hors D’oeuvres—Just Kidding, we mean Snacks
Snacks, like mini-sandwiches, cookies or small appetizers, are an option for some agents. Not everyone likes the idea of offering snacks, but some agents swear by it, claiming that it makes people feel at home. These can be store-bought or homemade, and can be served on disposable dishes or napkins for easy cleanup. If the home is higher end, then consider real dessert plates and glasses.

Remember how important we said the marketing was? Well that is how important the signage is. Despite the prevalence of GPS units, without signage half the people who follow your marketing cues won’t find your house. You will also miss out on all the drive-bys you could scoop up, and drive-by traffic accounts for half of open-house traffic.

Informational Takeaways
You want your visitors to remember your house so offer them some sort of takeaway like a flyer with color photos, a map of the property and neighborhood, or anything helpful that will remind them of the reason why you are selling house.

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