Real Estate Agent

When you’re looking sell a house we suggest looking beyond numbers and statistics to get to the true character of a neighborhood. But, when it comes to buying or selling a house, suddenly the numbers matter a whole lot. To find the county’s best realtors, we called realty companies and agencies and asked for the names of the real estate agents who sold the most—in dollar amounts—in 2020. Here are our findings.

What is the secret to your success? Marketing, marketing, marketing. Make sure that things look different so that they get noticed. All of my prices end with -222. Other real estate agents think that I do that because it’s egotistical. But when people see the -222, the finger clicks on it. Your worst customer ever? We had a client we just couldn’t do anything right. She didn’t like the photos. She didn’t like the music on the website. She didn’t like the ‘For Sale’ sign. She didn’t like the brochure. It got so bad, I fired myself, at least three times. She wouldn’t let me out, and said, ‘You’re the best.’ What’s the hardest part of the job? Convincing sellers where the real price needs to be. I’ve actually gone through more boxes of tissues this year than in my other sixteen years combined

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